Thank you for choosing this course !

Through this course My goal is to help you create independently your own blouses in your own size without depending on any one else for it.
Whether you want to sew for yourself or others this course will provide you right knowledge and method to do so.

I have worked very hard to compile this course. It’s the outcome of many test trials, going forward backward, redoing, re-measuring and sewing endless number of blouses and ultimately creating a method that invariably gives a fit that we look for in a perfect Saree Blouse. Whether you want to sew for yourself or others this course WILL provide you the right knowledge and method to do so.

In this course create the basic structure of a Saree blouse which in itself is a classic blouse design and then we address popular saree blouse designs – Princess Cut, Empire Cut and Katori Cut using this basic template of your size. The method and process has been simplified for any one who has never made blouse before and hence can  make one with ease. Step by step instructions and videos to help make a fabulous blouse for yourself or maybe for some one else 😊

By the time you finish this course (which I’m improving constantly)  you can safely call yourself a PRO blouse maker !

Are you ready for this ? I SURE AM to take you to this journey! Lets dive right into it.

I am Kalpana Singh and I once again welcome you to my world of sewing and pattern making. I create sewing patterns and I teach how to do so too.

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