Learn dress making with your coach Kalpana Singh !

Welcome to my online learning platform that I created with lot of love, passion and hard work. My goal – is to help YOU reach a point where you can see a dress in a store and say “I can totally make it myself”.

So let’s work towards that. Together.

There are different courses offered on this platform – Western, Modest as well Tradition Indian wear. Pick a course that interests you the most, set your mind to it and take a leap of faith and if you stumble I will be just an email away.

I have focused on pattern making although some courses shows sewing procedures too. My aim is to make you a smarter dress maker by strengthening your pattern making skills.

I have tried my best to explain the concepts in as simple way as possible, giving day today analogy and examples. I believe if the foundations are strong, you can create any structure no matter how complicated it might be.

Monthly zoom sessions are organised for students to clear their doubts as and when they need it. An online course can’t get better than this !

Who Are These Courses For?

For those who love fashion, but can’t get their desired designs in their preferred size, fit or colour hence wish to make their own.

For those who wanna create their own style and identify by wearing unique designs that portrays their personality.

For those who own or wish to own a fashion boutique and hence need to upgrade their skills by knowing the technical side of the dress making business.

Is a responsible global citizen who wish to reduce his/her/their carbon footwear as are well aware of the environmental impact of cheap high fashion clothing.

Yes that sounds like me!


Our Courses

Sew many dresses sew less time! Ultimate dress making course

Pattern Making for Blouses - Western Style

Pattern Making for Skirts

All about Sleeves

Pants Patterns Making

Saree Blouse Making Course

Childrenswear- Drafting the Basic Pattern Set

Punjabi Suit Making Course

Saree Blouse Cutting and Sewing Course

Learn to Sew your own Saree Blouse at home

Learn how to make the perfect saree blouse at home!! Even though you are a beginner. This systematic, easy to understand course is made by Designer Kalpana Singh. The course teaches you everything you need to know about how to make a saree blouse- how to measure & mark your patterns, cut your fabrics, and then sew on the sewing machine.

Now any one can sew with this very comprehensive, detailed and systematic course.

  • Love Indian Fashion and want to sew your own Indian Saree Blouse but don’t know where to start?
  • Do you dream of starting your own tailoring services but lack basic knowledge?
  • Have you tried learning but all the YouTube tutorials have left you very confused?

Make your own clothes easily and affordably. Learn pattern making in a simple and accurate manner for perfectly fitting pattern blocks. An ideal solution for perfectly fitting patterns, no matter what your size. Learn how to design and make your own clothes in no time.


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