Stylish and Contemporary Saree Blouse

Stylish and contemporary Saree blouse

Hello lovely ladies (and dudes, if you are here too☺️)

I’m back again with a new exciting saree blouse tutorial, which YOU can make and flaunt with your favourite Saree. You can even wear it with a pair of jeans or a skirt! Well, that’s how versatile our Saree blouses are 💁‍♀️

Okay, let’s dive right into it!

Tools Required

1 • Rulers – Straight, L, Hip curve and French curve.

2 • Basic Blocks – Front and back.

3 • Pattern-making paper.

4 • Sharp pencil and eraser.


As always we begin with tracing the basic bodice.

How to make Basic Bodice - The easy yet effective method

Step 1

• Trace the basic bodice for front body. • Close below the bust dart and open from centre front by using shifting method.

Stylish and contemporary Saree blouse

• A to B mark shoulder length very close to the neck corner. • Connect B to the under arm point in a smooth curve. • Mark a neck depth at the centre front at D and join a with D in a smooth curve. • Raise a point from bottom centre by 1 inch at E.

Stylish and contemporary Saree blouse

• Extent the pattern for the front knot tying and back tying.

Stylish and contemporary Saree blouse

Step 2
Back Pattern

The Back pattern is fairly simple, just trace the basic bodice and mark straight linefrom the under arm to the centre back.

Stylish and contemporary Saree blouse

Your patterns for a very stylish blouse are ready!

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